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15 May Welcome to My Executive Assistants

Welcome to our blog, I have been working in the corporate world for many years and know the toll it can take on your personal life. I often times found, myself wondering if there is ever enough hours in the day to accomplish everything and still have time for family. The answer is “NO” there is never enough hours and everyday something has to be pushed aside. In this day and age it seems no matter what you do there isn’t any time. If you are a small business owner you don’t have time to run your business and do marketing at the same time. If you are a realtor you may not have time to answer all emails or keep track of appointments in between showings. If you are a new mom you may not have time to run errands and get your groceries done. If you are a professional who works long hours and, have elderly parents you may not have time to schedule their doctor’s appointment.

And so after many years of working in the corporate world and needing extra hours and hands, I decided to open my own company. In the hopes of helping people just like myself accomplish their goals and have time for family and friends. At My Executive Assistants that is what we do, we are the extra hands and hours you need. We know firsthand how hard it can be to juggle many tasks. And working in the corporate world has helped us understand the needs of a company. We provide services that are both cost effective and efficient which will add hours to your day. We understand the importance of working towards your future, the demands of running a business as well as time. We have a group of assistants with lots of knowledge in many fields of the business world. But we are also professionals with families of our own and understand that the best time is spent with your loved ones.

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