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Virtual Assistant Services

Many small businesses and niche professionals such as real estate agents and investors, motivational speakers, authors, and consultants find that a virtual assistant is a cost-effective and timely way to take care of email correspondence, scheduling, digital document organization, bookkeeping and bill payment. Using us as your virtual assistants, you’ll save time, expense, and aggravation – we’re a part of your team, who just happen to work remotely.


How Virtual Assistance Works 

As virtual assistants, we work via email, Skype, phone calls, and online workspaces and collaborative environments. When we are your virtual assistants, we handle all the jobs of an admin or executive assistant, but you do not have to provide office space, equipment, or supplies. We are also your single point of contact for specialized support – for example, graphic design, web design, data entry, paralegal work, and more.
  • Step 1: Formalize an initial agreement; we provide a privacy and information protection statement
  • Step 2: Provide login information for relevant accounts; we will provide a list based on the tasks you assign us
  • Step 3: We will set up a “virtual desk” where you can leave work for us to do, pick up special projects, and communicate with us whenever you need us.


Virtually Anywhere, Anytime 

The biggest advantage of using a virtual assistant is service! No matter where you live or work, an experienced virtual assistant can make your life easier. If you travel a lot, a virtual assistant is an indispensable resource who will manage your calls, mail, and other tasks. Further, because we work remotely, we can work with you whether you are in town or on the road. And you always have someone to call if you lose your passport, have your laptop stolen, or face any other emergency.


Who Uses A Virtual Assistant? 

Business Executives, Attorneys, Human Resource Departments, Authors, Bloggers, Financial Planners and Advisors, Real Estate Agents, Sales Managers, eBay Power Sellers, Rental Apartment Finders.

Our Virtual Assistants Can Help You Anytime, Anywhere

Online Research

  • Find information on your competitors
  • Look up contractor licenses and complaints
  • Vet potential employees or business contacts
  • Provide information on specific topics
  • Explore new products
  • Research what is trending on eBay, other sales websites
  • Research car or major appliance purchases
  • Find sales and deals on a routine basis
Data Entry and Presentations

  • Enter and call business cards from tradeshows
  • Update existing contact lists
  • Put newspaper or magazine articles in digital form
  • Turn raw information into PowerPoint presentations
  • Summarize data in Excel spreadsheets and charts
Email Management

  • Organize and prioritize email boxes with smart mailboxes
  • Respond to routine email requests
  • Maintain email correspondence with fans, customers
Social Correspondence

  • Maintain and update holiday lists, wedding lists, birthday lists
  • Write invitations, holiday cards, thank you notes
Travel Arrangements

  • Research travel destinations and sights
  • Research airfare, accommodations, tour costs
  • Plan itineraries and book travel arrangements
Scheduling and Calendars

  • Book meetings with clients, vendors
  • Schedule appointments
  • Maintain social and business calendars
  • Confirm appointments with third parties
  • Provide appointment reminders
  • Schedule book tour or promotional appearances
Bookkeeping and Collections

  • Set up and maintain books
  • Bill clients
  • Do collections on invoices
  • Provide statements and recaps
Other Business Services

  • Chase new business leads
  • Source products and vendors
  • Post positive social media reviews
  • Update Twitter feeds
  • Maintain Facebook Pages and customer dialogs
  • Provide industry information

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