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15 Jun Social Media Marketing

If you’re a business owner chances are you need marketing. The problem is determining what kind of marketing you need for your company. If you are a well established company your marketing needs may consist of huge marketing campaigns. However, if you’re a relatively new company or even a small business you may not have the funds for a big marketing/advertising campaign. That is why social media is a good option and is the most cost effective form of marketing that can get your company out and not break the bank. Social media is not limited to small companies, as you may have seen even well established companies use this method of marketing to promote their business.

Why is Social Media the new way of marketing? Simple, in a world of smart phones and internet, people connect with each other on social media outlets. They are allowed to connect with family, friends and even celebrities on a somewhat personal level. And so through the digital world companies have found this a useful tool to connect with consumers.

However, there is a thin line between good marketing and improper marketing. In the social media world it’s not all about hard sales and promoting your business. It’s about building relationships and trust with your prospective clients. This means providing helpful information, resources, answering questions and even sharing content from others in your industry. This allows you to build that trust. And while Social Media is a good method, it won’t grow your business overnight it takes time and patience. Therefore, it is important for you to understand that social media should not replace traditional advertising. You should also be aware that as a small business owner you need to choose your social media networks wisely if you don’t have the budget or time to commit to social media. You should choose at least one form of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) because presence is important and if you aren’t present it reflects on your company. So find a social media channel that works for your company and stick to it, be present and allow time for growth.

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