My Executive Assistants | Business Assistant Services
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Business Assistant Services

In the 1930s, a “girl Friday” was a reliable business assistant with a wide range of duties, including secretarial and clerical work. Eighty years later, we’re your three girl Fridays – we do anything and everything you “need by Friday” or before.  We take care of filing, payroll and bookkeeping, ordering supplies, answering routine correspondence, data entry, and anything else you need to keep your business running efficiently. In fact, if you “need it tomorrow,” we do that too.

​​​For Small Business
You can’t hire a big staff but you need a variety of staff functions, from administrative and bookkeeping to IT help. We step in and take care of it. You don’t have to go through a hiring or outsourcing process for each task. You also don’t have to bear the expense of benefits and vacation time. Whether you are a sole practitioner such as a physician or attorney, run a retail store, or have a service business, My Executive Assistance is the easiest way to “staff up” without hiring anyone.

For Corporate Executives
The world of big business is fast-paced and competitive. We can help you achieve that “rainmaker” edge by supplying you with current information on your competitors and the industry, creating your PowerPoint presentations, building Excel charts and graphs, and writing reports that will “wow” your boss. These are the hidden weapons that put you on top of the heap and which, obviously, you can’t ask your regular admin to do. We do the work and you are the star.

We provide “live” business assistant services anywhere in the Tri-County area. The starred business assistant services are available virtually (online) globally. We work by the hour, with discounts for monthly retainers. We can also build flat rate packages if you know exactly what you need done every month.

We are fully bilingual (English and Spanish).

Our Business Assistants Can Help You With The Following Services

We Do Bookkeeping

  • Bookkeeping (QuickBooks, Ledger Entry)*
  • Cost And Budget Accounting*
  • Tax Record Preparation
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable*
  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets*
We Do The Paperwork

  • Clerical (Filing, Organizing)
  • Email Sorting And Purging
  • Updating Of Mailing Lists*
  • Creation Of Microsoft Word Macros**
  • Digital Asset Libraries*
  • Data Entry*
  • Packaging And Shipping
  • Paperless Office Systems
We Do The Dirty Work

  • Office Organization
  • Office Cleaning
  • Office Moves
  • Investment Property Repairs
  • Rental Janitorial Services
  • Rental Background Checks
  • Pre- And Post Rental Photos
We Do IT Support

  • Internet Provider Negotiations*
  • Network Setup
  • Software Installation
  • PC And Smartphone Syncing
  • iPhone Repairs
  • Contacts Management
  • Database Management And Archiving
  • Basic Software/App Training
  • Setting Up Virtual Collaboration*
We Do It On Time

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Calendar Management
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Planned Itineraries
  • Reminders
  • Wake Up Calls
We Do Everything Else

  • Incorporation (Basic)*
  • Filling In For Sick Employees
  • Answering The Phone (Virtually)*
  • Supply Inventory/Purchasing
  • Insurance Claims Documentation
  • Soliciting Contractor Bids
  • Move-In And Move-Out Services
  • Events And Meetings
  • Corporate Gifts/Mailing

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